Greetings! I’m Václav Novák from Brno Czech Republic, the creative force propelling Waseku, a solo game development venture that took root in 2020.

Driven by my passion for crafting immersive gaming experiences, I channel the Unity engine to conjure captivating games.

Each Waseku creation reflects my dedication, innovation, and commitment to delivering games that offer not only entertainment, but an enjoyable experience.

Join me in embarking on adventures within uncharted gaming realms and rediscovering the boundless potential of solo game development.


CRIXUS: Life of free Gladiator

CRIXUS is a first-person single-player life simulator, Ludus manager, and a hack-and-slash game based in ancient Rome. You are Gladiator and Ludus Manager. Fight in the arena, manage your gladiator school and roam the fictional city. Win tournaments and become the most famous Ludus.

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Wrecking Ball

Test your demolition skills and have fun in the ultimate demolition game! Play as a Wrecking Ball Crane Operator and release stress by destroying physics-based objects

Download for Android

ICTG – Indoor cycling the Game ~ Alpha

ANT+ power sensor required.

Game to help you exercise with your indoor bike.

Download on itch.io

CRIXUS: Life of free Gladiator trailer

Wrecking Ball trailer

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