Wishlist Crixus:Life of free gladiator on steam now

CRIXUS is a single player slasher game based in the ancient Rome. You are a GLADIATOR.
This game bears the name of Crixus, a Gallic gladiator and military leader, but it is not about his life. The story is yours.
Fights are organized in arena where you as a free gladiator can access as you wish.
Fight in Arena to gain gold and reputation. Spend them on treats for your home and pleasures of the city.
Target is to accurately recreate architecture and equipment of the Roman Empire era.

CAMPAIGN - story based campaign to set you up on full experience.

SANDBOX - You choose how many and how strong your opponents will be. (limit is only your PC compute power)

EXPLORE - You can roam around city and buy new gear and explore. This is to provide calmness in-between the fights.

MAKE YOUR HOME - modify your home. Buy objects in shops, display your armor, Add achievements on the wall etc.

join me on discord to create the game with me
Discord: https://discord.gg/YQdDQ3ECAj You can try the PRE-ALPHA version on itch.io. link bellow.
and yes it will most likely be full of bugs and in unfinished state, but free :-)

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